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Open Burning & Land Clearing Permits

7/1/2024 Burn Restriction Information Below for Clallam County

Recreational Fires ONLY at this time (CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS)! 


7/10/2024 DNR LAND BURN BAN  - Click here for more informationResidential Burning Regulations.pdf

Permits are no longer required for Residential burning outside the  "No Burn Areas"

No Burn Areas:

The State Legislature enacted laws restricting both residential yard-waste burning and land clearing burning. Since 2007, residential outdoor burning has been prohibited in all Urban Growth Areas (UGA’s) within the state. There are two No Burn Areas located within the district’s service area. The following maps illustrate the No Burn Areas boundaries.

Sequim No Burn Area Map.pdfCarlsborg No Burn Area Map.pdf

Alternatives to Outdoor Burning:

There are a number of alternatives available in the area. A list of these alternatives and how to access them can be found using the link below.

List of Outdoor Burning Alternatives.pdf

Outdoor Burning Regulations:

The following guidelines apply to outdoor burning:

  • Where and when burning is allowed, only natural vegetation (leaves, brush, etc.) may be burned.
  • State law prohibits the burning of the following materials, including, but not limited to, paper or newspaper (except what is necessary to start a fire), cardboard, household garbage, treated, painted or stained wood, plywood, construction debris, paints, tires and other rubber products, plastics, asphalt and building materials, chemicals, petroleum products, metal, and dead animals.
  • Smoke, odor, or ash that goes beyond your property and impacts a neighbor is illegal. Violations of outdoor burning laws may result in fines up to $14,915 per violation.
  • Burn Barrels – State law prohibits burning in outdoor containers (such as steel burn barrels) that do not meet certain construction standards consistent with those in the State adopted fire code. Containers used for outdoor burning must be brick or concrete.
  • Recreational Fires – Outdoor fires are defined as camp fires and cooking fires, using dry, seasoned firewood in designated areas or on private property. Fires used for disposal purposes are not recreational fires. Where allowed, recreational fires are limited to 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height.
  • Residential Burning – Residential fires are defined as burning of leaves, clippings, pruning debris and other yard and gardening refuse originating on the maintained area of residential property (e.g. lands immediately adjacent and in close proximity to a human dwelling) and burned on such lands by the property owner and/or other responsible person. Summer burn regulations, in effect from May 1st - June 30th, limit a residential burn pile to no larger than 4' x 4' x 3' and Winter burn regulations, in effect from October 1st - April 30th, allow a residential burn pile of up to 10' x 10' x 5'. No residential fire shall be commenced before sunrise and no material may be added after sunset. For further information, click the Residential Burning Guidelines link. 

Recreational and Residential burning does not require a permit.

Land Clearing Burn Permit

The burning of land clearing debris is governed by the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) and requires a permit. Regulations can be found on the ORCAA web site Permits can also be applied for via their website. If you have further questions, Please call ORCAA at (800) 422-5623.

Land Clearing Permit Application Form.pdf

Burn Ban:

County-wide burn restrictions are imposed during the months of July, August, and September. Additional burn restrictions may be imposed on a case-by-case basis during periods of elevated fire danger.

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