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Public Records Requests

Our goal is to provide citizens with full access to public records in a timely manner, within our capacity to do so, and while fulfilling our legal obligations to protect confidential information. Once we have received your records request, we will respond within five business days. The time required to actually fulfill a request depends on the number and complexity of retrieving the records requested. In order to provide records in a timely manner, please provide as much detail as possible when requesting records.

Release of public records is governed by RCW 42.56 and RCW 70.02 as well as by federal privacy laws. Please note that in accordance with these laws, not all District records are subject to disclosure and the District has the ability to impose a reasonable fee to recover the cost associated with fulfilling a public records request.


- Obtaining-Public-Records-Brochure-2017.pdf- Public Records Requests SOP 3300.pdf- Public Records Request Fillable Form.pdf- Public Records Request Exemptions.pdf- Records Request Fee Schedule.pdf

Records Requests

Medical Information Protection: The Fire District has a legal obligation to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and with RCW 70.02, Medical Records – Health Care Information Access and Disclosure. These statutes are what limit the disclosures of Personal Health Information (PHI). In accordance with these statutes, the District will make reasonable efforts to protect PHI by only disclosing only the minimal amount of PHI necessary to accomplish the intended purpose of the disclosure.

For More Detailed informationNotice of Privacy Practices

Patients: To request a copy of your report, you must provide photo identification in person.

Attorneys and Other Agencies: To request a report on behalf of a client, submit a written request on letterhead along with authorization to release medical information signed by your client.

All Other Public Records: For all other records, such as meeting minutes, fire reports, financial documents, email, etc. complete the District’s Public Records Request form and submit via one of the methods described below.

Submit Public Records Requests

 - In person at: 863 Carlsborg Road Unit C, Carlsborg, WA 98324

 - Via mail to: Clallam County Fire District 3, Public Records, 323 N 5th Ave., Sequim WA 98382

 - Or scan and email to:

Request Inquiries

To inquire about the status of a record request call 360-683-4242 or email 

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